Case studies

Following is the list of cases studies contributed by UX research practitioners from all over the world.



Use one word to describe the biggest challenge in UX Scott Smith Canada


Chapter 1: Selling UX research

Negotiating constraints Gerry Gaffney Australia
What about the answers? Moshe Ingel Israel
Choosing the right design Eva Kaniasty USA
Persuading large companies that 5 is enough Hiroshi Ushioda, Susumu Kuriyama, Reva Hamon Japan
Managing Focus, Scope and Participation Gregg Almquist USA
In search of the usable creative director Michael Summers USA
More research as a persuasion technique Richard Buttiglieri USA
Focus on projects that produce tangible results Gregg Almquist USA
Show, don’t tell Lior Yair, Vitaly Mijiritsky Israel
Usability is subtraction through addition Bill Albert USA
The art of selling Experience Design & Design Thinking approaches Silvia C. Zimmermann Switzerland
Words matter Carol Smith USA


Chapter 2: Identifying research opportunities

There are no case studies in chapter 2. Nothing to see here. Carry on.


Chapter 3: Planning UX research with stakeholders

Setting testing goals with a team or client Kris Engdahl USA
Asking the right questions Jen McGinn USA
One request, three methodologies Jakob Biesterfeldt Germany
Negotiating a methodology for a milk study in India Meena Kothandaraman USA
How three users helped solve a problem 3,000 could not Jeff Sauro USA
A conversation about numbers Bill Albert USA
The cost of finding documents Shmuel Bollen USA


Chapter 4: Collaborating with stakeholders

Dealing with defensive salespeople Yoram Pomer Israel
Stakeholders in the field Steve Portigal, Julie Norvaisas USA
The power of observing real customers Gregg Almquist USA
The interactive issues matrix: recording and organizing stakeholder observations Kirsten Robinson USA
Analyzing results together Sauli Laitinen Finland
Using personas in a workshop to get stakeholder buy-in Amir Dotan UK
The power of workshops Jakob Biesterfeldt Germany
Business, meet users… Stephen Denning Scotland


Chapter 5: Communicating UX research

Why a book matters? Takashi Sasaki Japan
The ice cream presentation Beverly Freeman USA
Present to your biggest critic Tomer Sharon USA
The most powerful 2-10 minutes of your research findings presentation Chris Hass USA
Visual thinking and communication Filip Healy, Roland Stahel UK
User experience mapping Filip Healy, Roland Stahel UK
Visual survey results Bob Thomas USA
Product concept brochure Sauli Laitinen Finland
Visualizing key differences in findings Michael Hawley USA
The top 10 themes poster Tomer Sharon USA
Lostness Tomer Sharon USA

Taking advantage of the theory of psychology and human

Beverly Freeman USA


Chapter 6: Measuring UX reseach buy-in

Out of the box - better buying experience for Blackberry
Michele Visciola Italy
What happened when I invited executives to use the product? Tomer Sharon USA
Why? Agnieszka (Aga) Bojko USA



Quality and usability Rolf Molic Denmark