Endorsements for the book

In this book, Tomer Sharon does a great and ground-breaking job of presenting useful wisdom on how to make usability research useful and usable, and how to sell it. The contents of this book can be summarized in seven words: Do as you preach and be humble. If that's not sufficiently usable for you, read this book!

Rolf Molich, DialogDesign



A thoroughly readable look at how to make sure our user research actually makes it into the products we create. It explains how to get everyone engaged, how to plan research that asks the right questions, and how to help people use research findings. It's full of practical tips, great advice and real-life stories from practitioners.

Donna Spencer, Maadmob; Author, Card Sorting


There is probably no question that I am asked more often than “How can I have more influence?” User research that isn’t able to bring insight and drive improvement might as well not have happened. This book is the most complete guide to getting stakeholder buy-in that I have seen. It is a “must read” for researchers and their managers.

Arnie Lund, Microsoft; Author, User Experience Management



Tomer Sharon’s book is the cure for usability professionals whose work isn’t having the impact it deserves. Here you’ll find ways to work different, to make your research connect with stakeholders instead of trash cans. File under: work smarter, not harder.

Gerard Torenvliet, Senior Human Factors Scientist, Medtronic



“It’s Our Research” should be required reading for anyone involved in a UX research study. Sharon will not only help you avoid the many pitfalls that most UX research projects come across, but more importantly give you all the tips and tricks for getting the most out your UX research.

William Albert, Bentley University; Author, Measuring the User Experience and Beyond the Usability Lab



The best researchers know how to inspire their stakeholders to act on their findings. At Google, Tomer brings a unique combination of depth and inventiveness in the way he communicates and works with the designers and managers who need to act on his findings. This learned, direct and humorous book explains how he achieves that.

Giles Colborne, cxpartners, Author, Simple and Usable



If no one reads your report or implements your recommendations does it really matter how statistically valid your findings were? Do your yourself and your users a favor .read Tomer's Book.

Jeff Sauro, Principal Measuring Usability LLC; Author, Quantifying the User Experience



As an experienced Human Factors Engineer, I thought I knew how to do user research and engage stakeholders. But in these pages I discovered new ways to ensure my user research will be useful to my clients. The book is well organized and includes rich interviews and case study content. I especially appreciated the takeaways at the end of each chapter.

Stan Caplan, President, Usability Associates, LLC