An interview with Lane Halley

About Lane Halley

Lane Halley is a digital product designer and User Experience (UX) coach for agile and Lean Startup teams. As a collaborator, Lane helps cross-functional teams understand their project domain, develop empathy with users and engage in creative collaboration to create successful products that are a pleasure to use.
She has worked for Microsoft, Mindscape (Electronic Arts), Addamark (SenSage), Cooper, Liquidnet, Hot Studio, and Carbon Five on a variety of enterprise and consumer products. She’s accomplished in user research, product design and validation for application, Web and mobile products.
Lane actively works to bring UX methods and thinking into Lean Startup and agile communities. She’s a frequent collaborator with LUXr: The Lean UX Company and Lean Startup Machine as a speaker and mentor.  Lane is a Certified ScrumMaster and served as co-chair of the User Experience stage at Agile 2009. Recent speaking engagements include Agile UX NYC and the Michigan Lean Startup Conference.
Lane is a long-term participant in the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and a founding member of Balanced Team, a working group of software professionals who promote multi-disciplinary collaboration around customer value and iterative design and delivery as an engine for innovation.

Please follow Lane on twitter @thinknow and read her blog, The Apprentice Path