An interview with Chris St. Hilaire

About Chris St. Hilaire

Chris St. Hilaire is President and CEO of Jury Impact, providing trial research. He is the author of 27 Powers of Persuasion (Prentice Hall Press, 2011). Chris is a Pollie Award-winning consultant who has developed national communications strategies for more than 20 years. In 2007, his firm was recognized at the American Business Awards as one of the nation's "most innovative" companies. As a message consultant for some of the most high-profile cases in America, St. Hilaire advises many of the world's largest corporations on litigation and public messaging.


Main points

  • Persuasion is the creation of consensus from conflict or indifference. When done appropriately, persuasion can move mountains.
  • Understanding your audience is fundamental to any persuasion situation.
  • Understand the group you are presenting to because they are the decision makers.
  • People take pieces of information and use it to support what they want to believe.
  • Before you can persuade you have to get people to listen.
  • Recognize your stakeholders’ predispositions.
  • It’s always easier to persuade someone in something they already believe.
  • Take the “buts” out of your sentences.
  • Everyone hates “let me tell you how it is”.
  • Silence is powerful. It establishes you as a leader and gets you to the truth.
  • Get over your ego issues.
  • Everyone can learn the art and craft of persuasion.