A video about using UX illustration in research

About Amberlight Partners

Amberlight Partners is a London-based research and design consultancy with over 10 years experience of maximizing ROI for UK and global blue chip organizations by optimizing their digital products, services and communications. Amberlight helps organizations understand the whole of the “customer experience” across multiple touch-points including web, mobile, TV, retail and the product itself.
Amberlight delivers insight and advice at every stage of the product development lifecycle:

  • Before products have been developed, they help identify what should be developed.
  • During product development, they help understand the content, functionality and interaction required.
  • After products have been launched, they advise on how their performance can be improved.

Amberlight works with leading organizations in Europe and globally including eBay, the Guardian, HTC, Microsoft, Orange (France Telecom Group), Samsung, Sony, T-mobile, Vodafone, and the UK government.


Main points

  • They have trained UX illustrators in their research team who use illustration to communicate with users, designers, and product teams.
  • They use illustration to communicate complex ideas and concepts as clearly as possible
  • UX illustration before a research session means the illustrator turns a verbal discussion into something visual and engaging.
  • UX illustration during a research session means the illustrator captures insights and ideas from study participants in visual form. They show them back to participants to stimulate further discussion.
  • UX illustration after a research session means the illustrator visualizes findings, analysis, and recommendations. Reports, if written, become more visual and engaging for stakeholders.
  • An illustrated book can help define product strategy without a single line of code being written.
  • UX illustration helps researchers to clearly explain difficult concepts and build consensus around ideas and conclusions