An interview with Trevor Owens

About Trevor Owens

Trevor is CEO & Co-Founder Lean Startup Machine, a startup competition/bootcamp that helps founders build products people want. This year they'll host over 50 events around the world. He founded Tech@NYU, the biggest and baddest startup-oriented student group in NYC, and he writes about startups, leadership, and personal development in his blog.

Trevor filled the gap of lack of entrepreneurial training by creating what is now the world’s leading bootcamp on Lean Startup methodologies. Hosted by his startup, Lean Startup Machine, the events are structured as a weekend-long competition where teams are given hands-on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and are expected to come up with validated business concepts by the end.

He is @to2 on Twitter.


Main points

  • Most startups today build products that nobody wants.
  • A lot of the process during Lean Startup Machine events is taken from UX research approaches.
  • We focus startup founders on correctly identifying problems customers have rather than on finding the right solution.
  • Lean UX is a more iterative way of doing UX research and design and for making sure that everybody on the team is on the same page with what customer needs are.
  • Being customer centric is one of the biggest trends among startups in the next few years.
  • Getting out of the building means to go directly to the source to get knowledge of what happens to customers.
  • Heads of companies should be heads of UX research. They should know everything about their users.
  • A lot of people confuse design with visual design. Design is a way of problem solving.
  • UX will not solve everything. It is a key ingredient. There are other ingredients as well.