Rationale for the book

From the author of the book, Tomer Sharon:

When I meet people who practice user experience research I always ask them the same question. I ask what are the top three challenges they face at work. Getting stakeholder buy-in for research is usually the first challenge they mention. People have trouble persuading stakeholders to conduct UX research to begin with. They have difficulties in getting sponsorship and budget for fieldwork. They experience hostility when they try to get their stakeholders to act upon research results.

Many UX research practitioners are frustrated.

Monty Python sang, “Always look on the bright side of life” while being crucified (Life of Brian, 1979). I would also like to look on the bright side. I authored this book to provide people who practice (or would like to practice) user experience research with strategies and techniques for getting their stakeholders’ buy-in for research. I hope you use this book to get people to better appreciate research and act upon its results.