An interview with Guy Winch

About Guy Winch

Guy Winch Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, speaker and occasional stand-up comic. His book The Squeaky Wheel - the first science based examination of our complaining psychology - has been featured on the CBS show The Talk, Martha Stewart Living Radio, NPR, Elle Magazine, Men’s Health and other leading media outlets and is currently being translated for publication in countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, France & Russia. Guy has also written on topics such as consumer psychology, customer service and corporate culture. Watch Guy's talk at Google on YouTube.


Main points

  • UX researchers complain to one another about their stakeholders because they are frustrated and not sure what they can do when stakeholders do not act upon or buy into research.
  • UX researchers should complain to people who can actually do something about the situation. Otherwise, they will become more frustrated.
  • Figure out why previous complaints did not work. Address those reasons in your next complaint.
  • A complaint sandwich is a technique to come up with effective complaints. Basically, it means you sandwich your complaint (the meaty part of the sandwich) between two positive statements (the bread).
  • The sandwich prevents the other person from becoming defensive.